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Our brand management team is always on the lookout for innovative and exciting new brands and suppliers to grow our portfolio. It can be difficult to keep track of all the new products arriving into our warehouse each month, so, we’ve rounded up the newest brands hitting the Colorado market below. Give your account manager a call to learn more or schedule a tasting.

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4 Noses Brewing Co.

Broomfield, Colorado

Paul Rebeer Amber-Style Lager

Caramel brown in color and brilliantly clear, presenting an aroma that comes in light and bright with notes of biscuit, caramel, and a touch of toasty sweetness. This lager boasts a medium and bright body and finishes clean with a crisp bite.

  • 6/4/16oz Cans
  • 1/6b Draft
  • 1/2b Draft

Modern Times Beer

San Diego, California

Radiant Glow Hazy Ale

Brewed with Mosaic, Citra, HBC 630, and Columbus hops, this juicy, crushable Hazy Ale is bursting with bright and fruity hop aromatics, with notes of citrus, tropical fruit, and a hint of pine. Pair it with a sunset and prepare to glow.
  • 1/2b Draft
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Nasca, Ica, Perú

Pisco Acholado

The blend is the family flagship, their most balanced of the bottlings and the best to introduce someone to the world of pisco. There are 8 grapes approved for pisco production per Peruvian Denomination of Origin. The grapes are divided into two categories; Non-Aromatic and Aromatic. The Acholado is made from a blend of both aromatic and non-aromatic grapes, creating a vast spectrum of flavors that allow for execution of a great classic cocktail like the pisco sour or pisco punch as well as a wide-ranging original cocktails.

  • 6/4/200ml
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Pisco Quebranta

Quebranta is a single grape varietal pisco from this single estate producer. Closely related to the California Mission Grape, this reddish blue grape varietal tends to yield a high proof pisco due to its high sugar content.

Quebranta is all about texture, and is often used to emphasize texture in cocktails. It is often considered the best varietal for pisco sours, delivering a frothy, creamy and authentic pisco sour. But, it is also great for use in the tiki world due to its tropical flavor profiles, including lime, banana, and orgeat.

  • 12/750ml
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Chateau de Millet

Eauze, France

Armagnac VS

Aged for 2 years in “pièces armagnacaises” barrels. This young Armagnac has a light amber color. The nose reveals a fine bouquet with fruity notes and a sharply focused vanilla smell of new cask.

  • 12/750ml
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Death & Co.


Aurora Highball

Featuring notes of green tea, pear, and mint, the Aurora Highball is anchored by both vodka and sake, making it crisp and exceptionally refreshing.

Crafted with:

Woody Creek Distillers Vodka, Clear Creek Pear Brandy, Junmai Sake, Green Tea, Mint Syrup

  • 6/4/200ml

Moonsail Fizz

Passion fruit and bright citrus are tempered by smooth vanilla and spice in the Moonsail Fizz. Consider it your escape without the plane ticket.

Made with: Bimini Gin, Red Bitter Liqueur, Passion Fruit, Vanilla Syrup, Lime

  • 6/4/200ml

Ranger Buck

Featuring Colorado-made bourbon and ginger paired with birch and amaro, the Ranger Buck delivers a delicious twist on a beloved classic cocktail.

Made with: Woody Creek Distillers Bourbon, Amaricano Amaro, Ginger Syrup, Birch

  • 6/4/200ml
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Boulder, Colorado


The world’s first, and most fabulous, glitter liqueur.



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El Mero Mero

Oaxaca, Mexico

Espadín Mezcal

100% Espadín matured at 7 years. Due to the stress of low rainfall, the Espadín in this region matures earlier. Clean and brilliant pearls. On the nose, cooked maguey smoked with herbal notes. Dampness and clay. On the palate, congruent with its aromas with a very long finish. Pairs well with moles, adobos, spicy seafood, or habanero.

  • 12/750ml
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Tobalá Mezcal

100% wild Tobalá, matured at 12 years in the mountains. Not as citrus or fruit forward as most Tobalas can be. Grapefruit pith, buttermilk, sarsaparilla, creamy texture.

  • 12/750ml

Red Rocks Spirits

Denver, Colorado


Made from 100% non-GMO corn. Gluten free and adds a touch of sweetness! Smooth enough to drink straight. Now that’s Quality. 6x distilled & Carbon Filtered because you’re  worth it.

  • 12/1L
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Saison Rum

Cognac, France

Saison Rum Original

A meticulous selection is made from distillates from 3 distinct terroirs in the Caribbean islands of Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica. The intention of the Cellar Master is to highlight the typicality of these terroirs in a perfect balance (20% Barbados, 60% Trinidad & 20%  Jamaica), thanks to the richness and power of the distillation of molasses in stills associated with the finesse and lightness of the distillation of sugar cane in columns.

  • 12/750ml
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Saison Pale Rum

A meticulous selection is made from distillates from 3 distinct terroirs in the Caribbean islands of Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica. A selection of white rums, from different distillates of molasses and sugar cane, distilled using the two traditional methods, in stills and in columns, highlighting the typicality of each of these terroirs. The different batches of rum travel across the ocean to France to then be blended by cellar master Jérôme Tessendier. Its goal is to create a unique harmony using the methods of producing cognac, by assembling the different terroirs according to their diverse aromatic profiles: floral, fruity and spicy.

  • 12/750ml
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Santiago Mazatlán, Oaxaca, Mexico

Xila Licor de Agave 7 Notas

This spiced mezcal liqueur is inspired by two of Mexico’s most captivating and significant cultures: the Oaxacan and Pueblan. The long leaved, succulent agave plant characterizes the state of Oaxaca; the traditional agave spirit is blended with the flavor-packed, smoky ancho chile of Puebla. All botanicals are sourced in Mexico, and all are dried except the fresh pineapple.

  • 12/750ml
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