Written by Chris Fish, Telluride Brewing Co.

What are Hop Terpenes?

From the Doctor!… “Our 100% pure terpene extraction process allows brewers to put back into the beer only what is desired, pure flavor and aroma,” explains Rob Kevwitch, PhD, Director of R&D at Oast House Oils. “Working with Telluride Brewing Company, a trusted, smaller scale brewery with a history of producing incredible beer, means that our terpenes are incorporated to perfection.”

In short Oast House is extracting Terpenes by hitting the perfect “triple point” using super critical CO2 extraction and NOT solvents!!! This is a much more environmentally friendly process! Only the molecules in the hops that produce flavor and aroma are extracted. To our knowledge we were one of the 1st breweries to be using Hop Terpenes on a production scale!

How are Hop Terpenes Used in Brewing?

At Telluride Brewing our focus has been on late additions in the brewhouse to supplement or completely replace dry hopping. So we add the Terpenes in line to the beer when transferring from the fermenter to the brite tank. This can dramatically decrease tank time because we can eliminate hop creep. Also we can achieve 10-15% better yields.  This is beer that was being soaked up by the vegetal matter of our monster dry hoping with traditional hop pellets.

In short Hop terpenes are the molecules in the hops we are trying to focus on with late hopping and dry hopping in beers. Nothing else!

What is the Galloping Juice Series and Which Hop Terpenes Are Used?

The Galloping Juice series was born of our desire to experiment and push the limits of Hops. Hop Terpenes came to me from Rob at Oast house just at the perfect time!  We had exclusive access to his terpenes for the 1st 6 moths!  All of the Juice series has the same base Malt recipe except the Sour IPA. This bill includes Flaked wheat and Malted Rye.  We use German Magnum as a clean bittering addition in every version. After that it is a pure exploration of different hops and terpenes!

The result is not West Coast or East coast! It is a series of Colorado Style IPA’s

  1. Galloping Juice #1 – German Magnum, Eldorado, Amarillo, Idaho 7
    Terpenes: Cashmere
  2. Galloping Juice #2 – German Magnum, Citra and Mosaic
    Terpenes: Mosaic
  3. Galloping Juice #3 – German Magnum, Azacca, Citra, Idaho 7
    Terpenes: Azacca
  4. Galloping Juice #4 – German Magnum- Azacca, Citra, Mosaic, Idaho 7
    Terpenes: Idaho 7
  5. Galloping Juice #5 – German Magnum- Azacca, Cashmere Mosaic
    Terpenes: Azacca, Cashmere and Mosaic
  6. Galloping Juice #6 – Sour IPA- German Magnum, Amarillo and Idaho 7
    Terpenes: Idaho 7
  7. Galloping Juice #7 – German Magnum, Citra and Strata
    Terpenes: Strata
  8. Galloping Juice #8 – New Zealand- Pacific Jade, Raku, Wai-ti, Waimea
    Terpenes: Raku and Waimea
  9. Galloping Juice #9 – Grapefruit IPA  – German Magnum, Casacade and Citra
    Terpenes: Citra

We also use Terpenes in our Move me Brightly IPA and Russell Kelly Mosaic IPA.  Move me Brightly does not have a traditional dry hop at all and is finished currently with El Dorado Hop Terpenes. The hops and Terpenes change in this beer a few times a year! In Russell Kelly we use Mosaic Terpenes with a small Mosaic dry hop.

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