With Independence Day celebrations looking a little different this year, we’ve put together a mixed-six of beverage recommendations to help deliver a little familiarity and a lot of flavor to your holiday weekend! No matter how your socially-distanced festivities look, count on these recommendations to help you celebrate. Cheers!

21st Amendment Brewery

Brew Free or Die! IPA

Like Abe, we believe in freedom. Freedom from the notion that IPAs should only assail you with bitterness. And from the idea that a big, balanced, hoppy beer can’t possibly come in a can. We believe that those who have tasted freedom shall forever brew free. This golden West Coast IPA is perfectly balanced with a solid malt backbone and just the right amount of hop flavor and aroma. Taste Freedom.


  • ABV: 7%
  • IBUs: 70
  • Style: West Coast IPA

Aspen Brewing Co.

Independence Pass Ale

Independence Pass Ale is our super-hopped high altitude rendition of the classic India Pale Ale style. We couldn’t help but name our high-hop beer after Aspen’s eastern boundary and 12,095ft. high-elevation pass—maybe due to the delirious effect, or maybe because the initials just worked out well. You decide.


  • ABV: 7%
  • IBUs: 62
  • Style: India Pale Ale

Colorado Cider Company

Cherry Glider Cider

A rosé color and a distinctive cherry pucker. This cherry is a unique & dry apple cider enhanced with cherries, not over powered by them.


  • ABV: 6.5%
  • Style: Dry Hard Cider with Cherries

Clarity Sparkling Hard Water

Meyer Lemon

Bright aroma, tart, subtle sweetness. Made with 3 high-quality ingredients – water, non-GMO Meyer Lemon flavors, and brewed goodness. With zero sugar, less than 1 carb, and 100 calories per can, it’s a drink you can feel good about with sacrificing taste.


  • ABV: 5%
  • Gluten Free
  • Less than 1 carb
  • 100 Calories

Tivoli Brewing Co.

Rocky Mtn Radler

Originally created for thirsty cyclists outside of Munich, Radler’s German roots run as deep as Tivoli’s. It only makes sense that we brought this German gem to Colorado where the mountains call to hikers, bikers, and campers all summer long. We’ve crafted a light and refreshing brew with the earthy, floral aroma of apples with the crisp malt sweetness of our Helles Lager. A sweet spiciness from ginger adds a peppery kick at the end. Crack one open after your latest outdoor adventure.


  • ABV: 5%
  • IBUs: 5
  • Style: German-Style Lager

Wibby Brewing

Home Team Pilsner

A crisp, clean, easy-drinking, German Pilsner that finishes with pronounced character from the Crystal hops.


  • ABV: 5.5%
  • IBUs: 25
  • Style: Pilsner