Eel River Brewing Company was started in 1995 in a small Northern California town, nestled behind the Redwood Curtain in Humboldt County. Eel River Brewing was started by Ted Vivatson with the intention of being a family brewpub where he could have a place for his family and for the community to enjoy great food and exceptionally brewed beer. Being in Humboldt County where the grass is always greener, there was a strong pull from the local community to make an Organic beer. The community wanted a naked beer, in their words, a beer without all the crap in it. And so the adventure that would soon shape the future of Eel River Brewing Company started and the first ERB Organic beer was born, the Organic Amber Ale in 1997. Organic ingredients were not easy to source in 1997 so Ted and his head Brewer, Michael Smith had to build relationships with the organic farmers in New Zealand and Australia to source their organic hops. After establishing those relationships and continuing to build on their organic offerings, ERB decided to get certified by the USDA. In 1999, Eel River Brewing Company became the First 100% Certified Organic Brewery in the Country.


Eel River Brewing Company continues to be a family owned and operated brewery with Ted’s children, Matt Vivatson and Marissa Elias operating the Production and Sales side of the business. Eel River Brewing has continued to push the boundaries on what is possible with Organic brewing and is dedicated to offering the highest quality Organic beer available. Be Natural. Drink Naked.

California Blonde

A light, crispy Blonde Ale created with delicate malt characteristics, this brew is balanced by a very subtle touch of citrusy spice from Pacific Northwest hops.

Style: Blonde

ABV: 5.8%

IBUs: 13

Organic IPA

Brewed as a traditional IPA, our organic IPA is a bright copper color. Balanced with a crisp hoppy flavor and light malt background, it features floral and citrus aroma of Pacific Northwest organic hops.

Style: India Pale Ale

ABV: 7.2%

IBUs: 49

Organic Climax 100

CLIMAX 100 is pure, simple and 100% Certified Organic. It is beer for beers sake. We’re bringing back pure, simple and high quality ingredients for this year round offering. Made with 100% Certified Organic Malt, Hops, Yeast and Water. This is a Premium Organic Light Beer that was made for everyone.

Style: Organic Premium Light Ale

ABV: 4.2%