Dive head first into your Labor Day Weekend with these perfect beer picks!

Tivoli Brewing Co.

Helles Lager – Munich Lager –  5.1% ABV

Our first flagship beer, Helles Lager is what started it all. Its rich golden-hued appearance marks it as a true tribute to the first German style of lager. It’s easy drinking and perfect for sunny weather afternoon parties with your friends, or for watching your favorite team.

4/6/12oz Cans – #85985
1/6b Keg – #84772
1/2b Keg – #84766

Green Flash Brewing Co.

G.F.B. – Blonde Ale –  4.8% ABV

Drop into a light, refreshing blonde ale with hints of honey and orange peel. GFB is balanced by a mellow malt character with a crisp clean finish.

4/6/12oz Cans – #86057
24/19.2oz Cans – #87250
1/2b Keg – #87242

Epic Brewing Co.

Escape to Colorado – IPA –  6.2% ABV

We reformulated Escape to Colorado as a floral, unfiltered American IPA showcasing a blend of Citra and Mosaic hops, resulting in a beer bursting with citrus flavor ranging from tangerine to tropical fruit. This beer is unapologetically hop forward without the bitterness. The perfect companion for your next adventure.

4/6/12oz Cans – #80658
12/22oz Btls – #80543
1/4b Keg – #80563
1/2b Keg – #80545

Alpine Beer Co.

Pitcher Perfect – Pale Ale –  6.0% ABV

Perfect for all occasions, this pale ale is flowing with flavor. Pitcher Perfect features Mosaic, Nugget, and El Dorado hops. It is golden in color with eggshell white beer foam. An aroma of freshly baked wheat bread leads to notes of orange zest. Subtle hop bitterness offers hints of grapefruit and it ends with a light, dry finish.

4/6/12oz Cans – #86057
1/2b Keg – #87249