By Anika Sawni – Grüvi

Grüvi is Colorado’s first line of craft brewed alcohol-free beverages. Grüvi was created to provide a healthy and social alternative to alcohol. As a family we lived a relatively healthy lifestyle and started to question the role of alcohol in our lives and in society overall. We realized that there weren’t many interesting or delicious options in the alcohol-free space and so we got the idea to create Grüvi, a line of low calorie craft beers & wines that we could enjoy guilt-free and without waking up with a hangover! It didn’t take long for Niki Sawni (Founder) to put his idea to action and within a matter of months, the whole family, including the dog decided to pack their bags and drive from Toronto to Denver to launch Grüvi!

The process we use to brew Grüvi is fairly unique compared to other NA brands. Most brew the beer to full strength, then remove the alcohol by heating it up, which in turn ruins the flavor and integrity of the beer. We use a different process called Arrested Fermentation, which utilizes a yeast that doesn’t ferment into high amounts of alcohol. While being more labour-intensive, we believe this process helps preserve the true flavor & aromas of our beer, without having any alcohol in the first place.

Grüvi offers styles that are really limited in the NA category. We have a variety of products so there’s sure to be something for everyone’s taste buds. Our IPA is brewed with citra, galaxy and mosaic hops, and drinks as a crisp, light hopped brew. We also created the first NA sour on the market, which is our take on the classic sour wheat beer from Germany, a Berliner Weisse. Our prosecco, the first of its kind, is made with a blend of wine grapes and is a gluten and sulfite-free option for our customers. Lastly, we are proud to have just released the newest addition, the Gruvi Stout. Using roasted barley and chocolate malt, this dry, full-bodied non-alcoholic stout comes in at only 45 calories and is the perfect winter companion on the mountain hut.

Grüvi launched 9 months ago and as a company, we are continuing to grow every day. One of our priorities as a team is to get out and immerse ourselves into our communities, meeting new customers and learning their stories. Through this, we have truly realized that there are so many people, who for all sorts of reasons are looking for an NA craft beer or wine. Whether you are sober, sober curious, pregnant or just taking a night off drinking, we want you to feel included! We hope by creating a healthy NA option, we really encourage our consumers to enjoy their social lives without any compromise to their personal choices.