Our brand management team is always on the lookout for innovative and exciting new brands and suppliers to grow our portfolio. We’ve rounded up the newest brands hitting the Colorado market below.

Domestic Beer

Brewery Ommegang NITRO Three Philosophers

4 Noses Brewing Co.

Pump Action Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin lovers unite over their enjoyment of this perfectly spiced Imperial Pumpkin Ale. Features fresh nutmeg, allspice, clove, cinnamon, and pure pumpkin puree. Winner of 2016 World Beer Cup Gold Medal and 2016 GABF Gold Medal.

  • 4/6/12oz Cans
  • 1/6b Draft
  • 1/2 Draft
Brewery Ommegang

Three Philosophers Nitro

Rich and complex, this tour de force blends quadruple ale and authentic Belgian kriek, with its malty depth and gentle sweetness. Enjoy the mesmerizing pour with its smooth cascade of bubbles that lends a lustrous creaminess to enhance the touch of cherry—the perfect beer for leisurely sipping and quiet contemplation.

  • 6/4/16oz Cans
  • 1/6b Draft
Coronado Brewing Co.

Big Weekend Double IPA

Expertly balanced and perfectly hoppy, Big Weekend is ready to kick it up a notch.  Brewed with a unique blend of some of the world’s best hops, this Double IPA delivers all the juicy, tropical and floral flavors you could dream of. Here’s to living in the moment – Let’s make it  a BIG Weekend.

  • 4/6/16oz Cans
  • 1/6b Draft
Wibby Brewing Co.

Mango Radler

Award-winning Lightshine Helles blended with a splash of house-made mango lemonade. Refreshing!

  • 4/6/16oz Cans
  • 1/6b Draft

Pineapple Radler

Award-winning Lightshine Helles blended with a splash of house-made pineapple lemonade. Refreshing!

  • 4/6/16oz Cans
  • 1/6b Draft

Shine Light Lager

  • 1/6b Draft
  • 1/2b Draft

Meat and Eggs DIPL

  • 1/6b Draft
  • 1/2b Draft

Import Beer

2023 Chimay Première


Premiere Barrel-Aged

The first of its kind, Chimay Première (Red) Barrel Fermented offers a unique experience to
even the most distinguished Chimay drinker. A blend of Chimay Première fermented in both
American and French oak barrels, this 2023 release offers barrel derived flavors of wood, smoke Première. This beer provides a perfect balance between oak character and Chimay Première.

  • 12/375ml
Cerveza Tona


Founded in 1976, Toña has established itself as the most beloved beer in Nicaragua by developing a lager with 100% natural ingredients, including pure water sourced from the Southern Basin of Xolotlan Lake. It is the first water-neutral company in Nicaragua and Toña also utilizes a zero-waste brewing process. Toña brewers are committed to environmental sustainability. Toña offers a genuine piece of Nicaragua, representing the essence and simplicity of its pristine beauty and natural resources while embodying its authenticity, sense of adventure and rich history.

  • 2/12/12oz Cans
  • 6/4/16oz Cans
  • 4/6/12oz Bottles

Jiant Hard Tea Half & Half


Colorado Sake Company

Blood Orange Seltzer

  • 4/6/12oz Cans

Key Lime Seltzer

  • 4/6/12oz Cans
  • 1/6b Draft

Mixed Berry Selzter

  • 4/6/12oz Cans

Spicy Margarita

  • 1/6b

Yuzu Ginger Sake Seltzer

  • 1/6b

Blueberry Hibiscus Sake

Our newest release is a take on our traditional Junmai Ginjo Sake, the American Standard. Dur mission when creating this flavor was to be able to offer something that would be approachable to the newest sake drinker as well as different and intriguing for the most experienced of consumers. After brewing our traditional sake for 4 weeks, we then proceed to the secondary fermentation at which stage we are able to become a little more experimental.

  • 1/6b Draft
Flying Embers

Classic Lime Margarita

Our margarita is the perfect addition to any spring fling. Whether you’re seeking a thrill or a moment to chill, this refreshing cocktail is packed with delicious lime and refreshing goodness in every sip — Because less time mixing means more time enjoying. Choose more this season, you deserve it.

  • 1/6b Draft
Jiant Hard Tea

Half & Half Hard Tea

Squeeze the day with this sensational twist of tart lemonade and fresh-brewed black tea.

  • 12/19.2oz Can


Peach Street Distillers

Poppy Top Silver Rum

Poppy Top Rum embodies the ongoing story of Peach Street Distillers, doing it the hard way. But if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try, and try again. Our formidable band of misfits, armed with a hand hammered still, continue to make unreasonable spirits the hard way so you can enjoy them the Easy Way!

  • 6/750ml