Check out our new products in Colorado from the past month.


Surly Oktoberfest

Surly Oktoberfest (2/12/12oz C) – Minneapolis, MN
Surly Oktoberfest (1/2b) – Minneapolis, MN
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Guinigi Prosecco Rosé

Badgerhound Red Blend (12/750ml) – California

GUINIGI Prosecco Rose (12/750ml) – Treviso, Italy
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Seamless Cabernet Sauvignon (12/750ml) – North Coast, CA


Darnley’s Gin

The Cosmopolitan Vodka Cranberry (6/4/12oz C)

Darnley’s Gin (6/750ml) – Scotland
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Hard Kombucha

Jiant Hard Kombucha

Jiant Taco Tuesday (4/6/12oz C) – Crafted in Colorado
Jiant Guavamente Guava Mint (4/6/12oz C) – Crafted in Colorado
Jiant Hicamaya Grapefruit Hibiscus (4/6/12oz C) – Crafted in Colorado
Jiant Original Passion Elder (4/6/12oz C) – Crafted in Colorado
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