Our brand management team is always on the lookout for innovative and exciting new brands and suppliers to grow our portfolio. We’ve rounded up the newest brands hitting the Colorado market below.


Surly Brewing Co. Lemonade Refreshing Ale

4 Noses Brewing Co.

Mango Velvet Hazy IPA

Hazy IPA brewed with mango, peach, vanilla, and lactose. 6.5%

  • 6/4/16oz Cans
  • 1/6b Draft
  • 1/2b Draft

Lite Mexican Lager

A light lager that has the same refreshingly crisp finish as Calidad Classic with less carbs, less calories, and zero compromise.

  • 2/12/12oz Cans
  • 4/6/12oz Cans
  • 1/2b Draft

Chouffe Soleil

Delicate, fruity, refreshing… CHOUFFE Soleil promises you radiant moments throughout the summer. Made from a blend of malted barley, wheat and rye, CHOUFFE Soleil reveals the sweet aroma of elderflower and chamomile. Delicious citrus flavours – mandarin and lime -, enhanced with a touch of vanilla and peppery notes, titillate our taste buds. Both radiant and slightly cloudy, CHOUFFE Soleil can be enjoyed all year round. Pleasant times guaranteed!

  • 6/4/330ml Bottle

Peach Wheat

Golden yellow in color with an aroma and taste of juicy, fresh peaches balanced by a solid malt backbone with hints of biscuit and a dry finish.

  • 4/6/12oz Cans
Epic Brewing Co.

Nitro Horchata Cream Ale

Smooth body sweetened with a splash of lactose and dressed in elegantly with spicy cinnamon & creamy vanilla flavor

  • 1/4b Draft
  • 1/2b Draft
Grand Teton Brewing Co.

Teton Breeze Fruited Sour

For this fruited sour, we decided to bring the berry patch to the can. Full to the brim with strawberry, it is the perfect beer to quench your sour thirst. We hope you find this fruited sour to be refreshing, full-bodied and easy to enjoy! The perfect complement to a day spent exploring our treasured National Parks.

  • 1/6b Draft
Surly Brewing Co.

Lemonade Refreshing Ale

Slightly tart with balanced sweetness, Surly Lemonade squeezes fresh flavor into every single drop. Bright, crisp, and lemony, this incredibly drinkable ale quenches and refreshes.

  • 2/12/12oz Cans
  • 4/6/12oz Cans
  • 1/2b Draft
Wibby Brewing Co.

Loco Lawger Mexican-Style Lager

Light, bright, refreshing lager brewed for our finest & their families. Serve with a lime!

  • 4/6/12oz Cans
  • 1/6b Draft
  • 1/2b Draft


Colorado Sake Company. American Standard

Colorado Sake Co.

American Standard

American Standard is our signature sake made in our brewing facility in Denver, Colorado. Dur vision when we started making sake was to set the highest standard for what American sake should be. We adhere to traditional brewing techniques and then combine those with all-natural, domestic ingredients. The result is a perfectly easy-drinking sake that is not overly dry nor overly sweet.

  • 12/375ml

Blueberry Hibiscus

Our newest release is a take on our traditional Junmai Ginjo Sake, the American Standard. Dur mission when creating this flavor was to be able to offer something that would be approachable to the newest sake drinker as well as different and intriguing for the most experienced of consumers. After brewing our traditional sake for 4 weeks, we then proceed to the secondary fermentation at which stage we are able to become a little more experimental.

  • 12/375ml

Horchata Nigori

Horchata Nigori is the cultivation of the Colorado Sake Company vision; to brew premium sake with respect for the traditional brewing process and deliver it with a uniquely American twist. This unfiltered Junmai Ginjo sake is a blissful blend of two cultures that tastes remarkably like traditional Mexican Horchata, with the mouthfeel and crisp drinkability of sake.

  • 12/375ml

Lychee Nigori

Our Lychee flavored sake is built off of our traditional OG Nigori style Junmai Ginjo unfiltered dry sake, but with Fresh Lychee added to the mix-  making it one of our most popular sakes on tap.

  • 12/375ml

Sake Seltzer Variety Pack

Each case contains 3 cans of the following flavors: Yuzu Ginger, Blood Orange, Lime, and Mixed Berry.

  • 2/12/12oz Cans
Jiant Hard Tea

Peach Iced Tea

This easy-drinking 7% ABV craft-brewed sparkling tea turns up the volume on plant-based refreshment.

  • 4/6/12oz Cans
Redstone Meadery

Prickly Pear Mountain Honey Wine

Strawberry aroma with hints of floral and herbal notes throughout. Flavor of pink cotton candy.

  • 6/750ml


Greg Norman Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Greg Norman Estate Wines

Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Established in 1983, the Knights Valley AVA is located within Sonoma County, and directly borders the Napa Valley AVA. Knights Valley is protected from direct Pacific Ocean influence, and is the warmest of Sonoma County’s viticulture areas, where ideal growing conditions produce remarkable Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux varietals

  • 12/750ml
Cantina Gambellara

Prime Brume Soave

The color is a brilliant straw yellow and the nose exhibits fresh fruit perfumes of apple and pear, and floral notes of elder and bloom. The taste is fresh and light with good acidity and mineral character due to the volcanic origin of the soil.

  • 12/750ml


Richardo’s Decaf Coffee Liqueur

Peach Street Distillers

Pear Brandy

It takes 20 pounds of uber-ripe pears to create a bottle this special. Respect to the harvest.

  • 6/750ml

Decaf Coffee Liqueur

Thirty years ago, Rick began making Richardo’s Decaf Coffee Liqueur in small batches for their friends in the mountains of Colorado.

Today, this wickedly good combo of rich organic coffee, creamy vanilla and pure grain spirits has gained such popularity that it’s now made in Nashville, Tennessee for more friends to enjoy!

  • 6/750ml
Waterbird Spirits

Tequila Variety Pack

4 Ranch Water Canned Cocktails, 2 Tequila Pineapple Canned Cocktails, 2 Tequila Hardbody Canned Cocktails

  • 3/8/12oz Cans

Vodka Variety Pack

2 Vodka Cranberry Canned Cocktails, 2 Vodka Transfusion Canned Cocktail, 4 Vodka Citrus Squeeze Canned Cocktails

  • 3/8/12oz Cans