Our brand management team is always on the lookout for innovative and exciting new brands and suppliers to grow our portfolio. We’ve rounded up the newest brands hitting the Colorado market below.


Telluride Brewing Co. AlpenGose Mango & Raspberry Sour

AleSmith Brewing Co.

Sunshine Bliss Hazy IPA

If a sunny pool day was offered in can form this would be it! Sunshine Bliss is a hazy India pale ale that emits summer vibes with notes of citrus, tropical fruits, and berries, stemming from the addition of El Dorado, Simcoe, and Enigma hops. Pair this beer with pool float lounging, beach days, day hikes, or any other sun-soaked activities. Cheers!

  • 4/6/16oz Cans
  • 1/2b Draft

Split Aces West Coast IPA

For this collab, you’ve been dealt two ace breweries split by the distance between San Diego and Reno. We partnered with our friends at Revision Brewing to make a west coast-style IPA. This beer features notes of tropical fruit, pine, and berries from Idaho 7, Chinook, and Mosaic hops. Cheers!

  • 6/4/16oz Cans

Speedway Stout: Tart Cherry Edition

With this iteration of our signature imperial stout, we used an ample amount of tart cherries, vanilla, and artisanally roasted coffee. The tartness of the cherries and the lusciousness of the vanilla balance the roasted complexity of the beer, creating the perfect blend of delectable flavors. Cheers!

  • 6/4/16oz Cans

Wild Sour Series: Dragonfruit Mango Sour

Enjoy our sour ale bursting with tart fruit flavors and aromas of dragonfruit & mango. Delight in the brilliant fuschia color and vibrant taste that delivers a bold experience with each sip.

  • 4/6/12oz Cans
  • 1/6b Draft

Suckerpunch Dill Pickle Sour Beer

  • 6/4/12oz Cans

Deadhead West Coast-Style IPA

Like the bold colors & patterns of a tie-dye shirt, this classic West Coast-Style IPA  is bursting with psychedelic hoppy & fruity aromas swirling with abundant American hop flavor & bitterness.

  • 4/6/12oz Cans
Eel River Brewing Co.

Organic IPA

Brewed as a traditional IPA, our organic IPA is bright copper in color. Balanced with a crisp hoppy flavor and light malt background, it features floral and citrus aroma of Pacific Northwest organic hops.

  • 1/12/19.2oz Cans

California Blonde Ale

A light, crisp Blonde Ale created with delicate malt characteristics, this brew is balanced by a very subtle touch of citrusy spice from Pacific Northwest organic hops.

  • 1/12/19.2oz Cans
Grand Teton Brewing Co.

‘Lil Critter Kolsch

Our American Kolsch is a respectful hat tip to German brewing traditions in Cologne. This see-through, straw colored delight was brewed with a strong backbone of Montana grown pilsner malt which give off notes of citrus, peach, and herbal aromas. Load up the cooler and hit the trails wherever Lil’ Critters may roam!

  • 4/6/12oz Cans

Middle Fork Hazy IPA

As the sixth release in our Tributary Series, we are excited to introduce the Middle Fork Hazy IPA. To have visited the Middle Fork of the Salmon is to be cursed to daydream forever about returning. Maps of the American West tell of other Middle Forks, but for those who know the riverways there is no other. High in the northern Rocky Mountains of Central Idaho, the river flows north and east for about 100 miles through the 2.4 million acre Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness. The Middle Fork provides a premier multi-day wilderness float that offers solitude and adventure. Completing the float means six days paddling through continuous Class III and IV rapids while spending your nights soaking in riverside hot springs and camping along the banks. This beer boasts deep aromas of guava, mango, and orange. The flavor of this hazy IPA emulates the aroma. German pale wheat malt and flaked oats add to the complexity of this brew, displaying delicate flavors and providing a marvelous mouthfeel.

  • 4/6/12oz Cans
Modern Times Brewing Co.

Familiarity Principle

  • 1/6b Draft

Mile Hi Light Beer

Outlaw Mile Hi Light Beer – Colorado’s Local Light Beer brewed right here in Denver, brings back the fun & local aspect to the light beer category. Brewed with the freshest ingredients, this is what light beer should be all about. 

  • 4/6/16oz Cans
The Bruery

So Radler: Tangerine

Enjoy the refreshing and crisp characteristics of a lager combined with the citrus flavors from fresh tangerines for a thirst-quenching and easy-drinking fusion.

  • 6/4/16oz Cans

Bakery: Boysenberry Pie Barrel-Aged Pastry Stout

Slice into this bold, barrel-aged imperial fruited stout and experience a slice of Southern California in your glass. Inspired by Orange County’s rich history of growing boysenberries, this barrel-aged imperial fruited stout is full-bodied with big, bold berry flavors that are drizzled with rich vanilla flavor and a hint of cinnamon. The bakery is open for business.

  • 6/4/16oz Cans
Telluride Brewing Co.

Mountain Radler Lemon Tangerine

  • 4/6/12oz Cans
  • 1/2b Draft

AlpenGose Mango Rasperry

  • 1/6b Draft
  • 1/2b Draft

Frio on the Rio Cold IPA

Huge Hop aroma from Strata, Sabro and Eldorado hops with a very clean up front Hop bitterness, Frio on the Rio Cold IPA finishes beautifully clean, drinking like a much lower abv session beer, although it sits at an impressive 7% ABV. In a word – Crushable!

  • 4/6/12oz C

Guinigi Wines


Archer Roose

Bubbly Rosé

Our Bubbly Rosé is from Veneto, Italy, one of the most famous sparkling wine regions in the world. A blushing stunner, this refreshing sparkling rosé wine is made from the perfect blend of Glera (90%) and Pinot Noir (10%) grapes.

  • 6/4/250ml Cans

Pinot Grigio

Our Pinot Grigio hails from Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy’s northeasternmost region bordering the Alps. Light and uplifting, this dry white wine evokes the sunny coastal mountain slopes of its home — the perfect glass of summer. Buon viaggio!

  • 6/4/250ml Cans

Brunello Di Montalcino

With an intense ruby red color, this Brunello di Montalcino is robust and complex with aromas of berries, violets and spices layered with notes of wood and vanilla. Dry and warm, this wine is elegantly balanced with a long and sustained finish.

  • 6/750ml

Chianti Classico Reserva

Captivating and complex, this Italian red has a bold ruby red color as it swirls in the glass. Aromas of violets, ripe fruit and vanilla develop into subtle balsamic notes and hints of licorice. Soft and velvety on the palate, a rich structure leads to a pleasantly persistent finish.

  • 6/750ml

Toscana I.G.T. Rosso

A strong ruby red with garnet tinges, this Super Tuscan is intense and dynamic. Powerful aromas of red and black berries are delicately balanced with pleasantly spicy notes. Vibrant and round, this fresh red is characterized by soft tannins and a persistent finish with hints of violet.

  • 6/750ml

Dashfire Elderflower Martinez Canned Cocktail


Dashfire Spirits

Elderflower Martinez

Our Martinez Cocktail is designed to be appreciated by aficionados but also those new to this classic cocktail. This twist on a classic has a pleasant sweetness of pear, tartness of apricot and the subtle aroma of elderflower. 

  • 24/100 ml

Chai White Russian

Our White Russian is just plain fun and a joy to imbibe. Made from Vodka, Midwest Heavy Cream, and the already beautiful botanicals of our Chai’Walla bitters. 

  • 24/100 ml
Rod & Hammer’s SLO Stills

Whiskey Paloma

Made with Bourbon Whiskey blended with grapefruit, lime, and agave, our full strength Whiskey Paloma is ready to drink. Simply serve chilled or enjoy over ice for a premium cocktail on the go.

  • 6/4/12oz CAN

Whiskey Mule

Made with Bourbon Whiskey blended with lime juice and ginger, our full-strength Whiskey Mule is ready to drink. Simply serve chilled or enjoy over ice for a premium cocktail on the go.

  • 6/4/12oz CAN

Whiskey Margarita

Made with Rye Whiskey blended with lime juice, agave, and salt, our full-strength Whiskey Margarita is ready to drink. Simply serve chilled or enjoy over ice for a premium cocktail on the go.

  • 6/4/12oz CAN

Straight Rye Whiskey

Distilled from 95% Rye grain to a rich honey color, the bold spirit starts with hot notes of black pepper and cedar, followed by a smokey finish with notes of leather, tobacco, and a hint of caramel sweetness.

  • 6/750ml

Straight Bourbon Whiskey

An American classic, our Bourbon is aged two years in new American oak barrels to a deep amber color. The result produces a smooth and mellow whiskey with hints of caramel, roasted nuts, corn, and vanilla when tasted neat.

  • 6/750ml


Hoplark 0.0 Really Really Hoppy


Agua Fresca Sparkling Seltzer

Calidad Agua Fresca is a line of spiked, sparkling seltzers inspired by the traditional namesake beverage found across Mexico. Developed in collaboration with two expert flavorists from Mexico City, our Agua Frescas are sold as a variety 12-pack, featuring three flavors, each highlighted by a one-two punch of crisp, all natural flavors:

  • 2/12/12oz Cans
Craft Clarity


  • 1/12/19.2oz Cans
Flying Embers

Mojito Cocktail Variety Pack

  • 4/6/12oz Cans

Margarita Cocktail Variety Pack

  • 4/6/12oz Cans

Orange Passion Mimosa

A subtly sweet combination of citrus and natural tangy kombucha, finished with hints of tropical passionfruit and guava.

  • 1/2b Draft

0.0 Citra 

Double dry-hopped with Citra hops, Hoplark 0.0 Citra is a flavor bomb of deliciousness. No malt, no calories, no alcohol and an extra kick of hop-tastic goodness.

  • 12/16oz Cans

Really Really Hoppy

Double dry-hopped with Simcoe and Citra hops, we took our classic HopTea, and amped up all the flavor. No malt, no calories, no caffeine, and an extra kick of hop-tastic goodness and delicious flavors you crave. This is our take on a west coast IPA, but way better.

  • 12/16oz Cans
Lost Identity Beverage Co.

Sparkling Floral Tonic

Our floral tonic is a wonderful match of complex and quaffable flavors. With a bitterness that is slightly less bracing, we let the botanicals speak for themselves. The aromas have a bouquet of flowers, spice and citrus zests. The final touch delivers notes of hibiscus, which imparts its beautiful hue.

  • 6/4/12oz Cans
Jiant Hard Kombucha

Mai Tai Hard Kombucha

Tropical and bold, with a dash of exotic spice.

  •  4/6/12oz Cans

Summer Snowcone Hard Kombucha

Squeeze every bit out of summer with Jiant’s nod to your favorite childhood treat.

  • 12/16oz Cans