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Brewery Ommegang Neon Lights Hazy IPA

Beer (Domestic)

Brooklyn Bel Air Key Lime, Brooklyn, NY  (4/6/12oz C)
Brooklyn Special Effects NA IPA, Brooklyn, NY (4/6/12oz C)
Green Flash Variety Pack, San Diego, CA (2/12/12oz C)
Modern Times Blk House Vanilla Latte, San Diego, CA (1/12/19.2oz C)
Modern Times Diamond Drive DIPA, San Diego, CA (6/4/16oz C)
Ommegang Neon Lights, Cooperstown, NY (6/4/16oz C)
Ommegang Rare Vos, Cooperstown, NY (6/4/16oz C)
Ommegang Witte, Cooperstown, NY (6/4/16oz C)
Shorts Superfluid, Bellaire, MI (4/6/12oz C)
Telluride Galloping Juice #7, Telluride, CO (4/6/12oz C)

Jiant Cool Beans Hard Kombucha


Climb Hard Vanilla Bourbon Hard Cider, Loveland, CO  (6/4/12oz C)
Flying Embers Seltzer Variety Pack, Ojai, CA (2/12/12oz C)
Flying Embers Watermelon Basil, Ojai, CA (4/6/12oz C)
Jiant Cool Beans Hard Kombucha, Colorado (12/16oz C)

Wood’s High Mountain Distillery Tenderfoot Whiskey


Woods Tenderfoot Whiskey Aluminum Can, Salida, CO (12/750ml)
Woods Vodka Aluminum Can, Salida, CO (12/750ml)