Our brand management team is always on the lookout for innovative and exciting new brands and suppliers to grow our portfolio. We’ve rounded up the newest brands hitting the Colorado market below.


Epic Brewing Big Bad Baptist 2022 Variants

4 Noses Brewing Co.

Armadillo Double Threat West Coast Double IPA

Armadillo Double Threat is a West Coast-style Double India Pale Ale dry hopped with Simcoe and Amarillo hops. It’s golden in color and brilliantly clear, presenting an aroma that comes in light and bright, with notes of orange, grapefruit, and a touch of pine. This double threat boasts a light and bright body, and finishes clean, with just a touch of crisp lingering bitterness.

  • 6/4/16oz Cans
  • 1/6b Draft
  • 1/2b Draft

Strawberry Banana Velvet Hazy IPA

Part of our velvet series, Strawberry Banana Velvet is a hazy IPA brewed with strawberries, bananas, vanilla, and lactose. This smoothie-inspired flavor profile has all the tart strawberry sweetness you crave, balanced out with a bit of vanilla and banana. This IPA has a full-bodied mouthfeel due to the added lactose and choice of malt used.

  • 1/6b Draft
  • 1/2b Draft

Winter Mix Pack

Deck the halls with with Winter’s greatest gift, the BrewDog Winter Mix Pack. Experience the taste of twelve different beers, each with a unique flavor profile to delight your senses all season long. Best enjoyed cold in front of a roaring fireplace. Includes 12 beers total, with 4 2022 Exclusive Stouts!

  • 2/12/12oz Cans

Wild Sour Series: Cherry Pie

Inspired by the nostalgic flavors of your favorite dessert, this sour ale is a refreshingly tart & slightly sweet taste adventure that will keep you coming back for more! Cheers!

  • 4/6/12oz Cans
  • 1/6b Draft
  • 1/2b Draft
Epic Brewing Co.

Big Bad Baptist 2022 Variants

Toasted Coconut – Take a trip with us to the tropics. Feel the warm sand beneath your feet and dip your toes in the sea. Relax in the shade beneath a coconut grove and indulge in this luxuriously rich brew with no worries in the world.

Breakfast Baptist – Rise and shine, your delicious breakfast is bottled and waiting for you! Whiskey Barrel-Aged with real Vermont maple syrup then nished with coee and cacao nibs. So, listen to your mother and don’t skip the most important beer of the day.

Ginger Bread – Run, run, as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread BEER! You don’t have to be sly as a fox to get your hands on this elusive brew. We listened to grandma and used real allspice, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and vanilla, to craft this tasty treat.

Orange Stick – Our take on the classic holiday dessert. Big and bold flavors of chocolate and coffee are balanced elegantly by zesty orange. A lovely finale to an amazing meal with friends and family.

Rum Barrel Aged – What’s the difference between a thirsty pirate and a drunken pirate? One has a rumbling tummy the other is a tumbling rummy! Imperial Stout 100% aged in Rum barrels.

Barrel Strength – Epic’s cellar team has over a decade of experience perfecting world-class barrel-aged beer. Barrel Strength was refined through this wealth of passion and experience. Using the finest wood and in-house techniques, we’ve created a beer with flavors only attainable through true craftsmanship and patience.

  • All available in 12/22oz bottles
Modern Times

Circuit Bender West Coast IPA

We brewed this IPA in a wintery state of mind, adding tons of Mosaic and Columbus hops to create a beautiful bouquet replete with tangerine, blueberry, and fresh pine. It’s like riding a toboggan made of citrus peel through a forest of evergreens into a blueberry thicket.

  • 4/6/12oz Cans
  • 1/2b Draft

Submersible City Stout

We’re immensely stoked to be bringing a new stout into our special release lineup for 2022. Ready your pleasure synapses for notes of rich chocolate and caramel with a huge coconut nose, all wrapped in a full, luxurious mouthfeel that will stay on your mind long after the final sip.

  • 6/4/16oz Cans
  • 1/6b Drat
Pipeworks Brewing Co.

Forest Fauna India Pale Ale with Spruce Tips

This bright IPA with piney, citrusy hops is treated with boughs of fresh resinous spruce tips. This beer is something special – It’s like a wintery hike through a forest with your best unicorn friend.

  • 6/4/16oz Cans

Gingerbread Unicorns Rye Ale

Rye ale with vanilla, Ginger cinnamon nutmeg, black pepper and lactose

  • 6/4/16oz Cans

Pastrami on Rye

We first brewed this beer, Pastrami on Rye, in 2011. It was released in 2012. Last year, after many years, this beer came out of retirement in the best way possible – as an official collaboration with Chicago legends, Manny’s! This beer drinks like a complex brown ale, with soft smokey notes, and subtle spice. You might be surprised – it’s very drinkable for a pastrami on rye.

  • 6/4/16oz Cans

Rudolph vs Unicorn Peppermint Imperial Milk Stout

We’ve decked the halls with all the most festive and decadent holiday flavors! This beer is a delicious chocolate covered candy cane imperial stout brewed with real peppermint, vanilla, and a touch of cacao nibs and milk sugar. Santa prefers this instead of cookies… ok or in addition to cookies.

  • 12/16oz Cans
Telluride Brewing Co.

Winter Ale

Belgian Dark Strong Ale brewed with German Magnum, Tettnanger, and Czech Saaz hops. 9.2% ABV

  • 6/4/16oz Cans
  • 1/2b Draft


Brewdog Punk AF Alcohol-Free IPA


Punk AF Alcohol-Free IPA

Non-alcoholic near beer just got punked up. Say hello to the punkest non-alcoholic near beer in town. Juicy tropical fruits mixes it up with grassy and pine notes, all sitting on a solid malt baseline.

  • 4/6/12oz C


Dashfire Spirits

Dashfire Spirits

Old Fashioned 3-Pack

This Old Fashioned 3 Pack is sure to be one of the must-have gifts this holiday season, with the groundbreaking flavors and un-compromised quality that you have come to trust from Dashfire. Box includes 3 100ml cans.

Bourbon: Our classic Old Fashioned complements the Bourbon with aromatic orange and hints of cherry. 38% ABV

Rum: This Rum Old Fashioned indulges in the flavors of island life with allspice and rich Demerara sugar. 35% ABV.

Rye: Notes of ginger combined with spicy Rye Whiskey create an elegant and sophisticated cocktail. 35% ABV.

  • 8/3/100ml C