Our brand management team is always on the lookout for innovative and exciting new brands and suppliers to grow our portfolio. We’ve rounded up the newest brands hitting the Colorado market below.


4 Noses Mix & Mash IPA Variety Pack

21st Amendment Brewery

Brew Free! or Die Hazy IPA

Sometimes you have to look at life through a different set of lenses. When you’re set in stone like our founding fathers, every once in a while you just want to let loose and get a little hazy. Our hazy IPA, with its turbid pale color, abundant hoppy flavor and fruity aroma is deceivingly easy drinking. Grab a six pack, put on your X-Ray vision goggles and get lost in the haze.

  • 6/4/12oz Cans
  • 1/2b Draft

Coaster Hoppy Pilsner

Crisp, bright and brewed for drinkability, this Pilsner has a snappy, quenching flavor. Brewed with Simcoe hops for their passionfruit and pine resin aroma, and built on premium pilsner malt for that classic cracker bread flavor.

  • 4/6/16oz Cans
  • 1/2b Draft
4 Noses Brewing Co.

Mix & Mash IPA Variety Pack

Mix + Mash is packed with twelve 12oz IPAs. This time we have our ‘Bout Damn Time, Flatiron Fog, Headed West, and a mystery IPA! This time the mystery IPA is Rapid Haze, our newest New England style Hazy India Pale Ale brewed with Simcoe, Idaho 7, and Nelson Sauvin hops! Rapid haze can only be found in this IPA mix pack.

  • 2/12/12oz Cans

Pink Lemonade Stand

Pink Lemonade Stand is a Sour Ale brewed with Meyer lemon, strawberry, raspberry & agave nectar. We wanted to create a beer based on nostalgia. With an initial flavor burst of bright, tart lemon and moving into notes of raspberry and strawberry, this beer will transport back in time to drinking lemonade on a bright and sunny day. The agave nectar balances the tartness to make this a refreshing beer great for any outdoor occasion.⁣⁣

  • 6/4/16oz Cans

Strawberry Beer

Real strawberry juice and wheat beer. Juice not essence is used which provides the crucial taste difference and texture and makes Fruli a smooth drinking beer with mass channel appeal.

  • 6/4/330ml Btls

Grapefruit Radler

This fruity and not-too-sweet malt beverage blends the mildly bitter taste of our König Pilsener premium pilsner (40%) with the refreshing and tart flavor of grapefruit lemonade (60%). Our Radler Grapefruit – the perfect summer refresher.

  •  6/4/500ml Cans

Mile Hi Light Beer

Outlaw Mile Hi Light Beer – Colorado’s Local Light Beer brewed right here in Denver, brings back the fun & local aspect to the light beer category. Brewed with the freshest ingredients, this is what light beer should be all about. 

  • 1/2b Draft
Schneider Weisse

Love Beer Weizen

Schneider Weisse Love Beer is a wheat beer with a lovely golden color topped with a dense and bright white foam. Aromas of citrus, stone fruit and elderflower hint at flavors akin to Sauvignon Blanc. The beer has a refreshing tang that finishes with an earthy noble-hop bitterness. Typical of all Schneider Weisse beers, Love Beer is a well rounded and balanced drinking experience and true reflection of Bavarian life.

  • 20/500ml Btls
  • 20L Draft
St. Bernardus

Abt 12 Nitro Quadruple

St. Bernardus Abt 12 is widely regarded as one of the best beers in the world. It is therefore no surprise that it is our brewery’s flagship beer, ranked at the very top of the St. Bernardus beer hierarchy. It is brewed in the classic quadruple style and adheres to the original 1946 recipe.

  • 1/6b Draft
Tivoli Brewing Co.

Ginger & Juice

  • 4/6/12oz Cans
  • 1/6b Draft
  • 1/2b Draft

The Marlborist Wines


The Marlborist

Pinot Noir

From the lauded Southern Valleys, The Marlborist Pinot Noir is an elegant, ethereal wine that exemplifies the beauty of great pinot noir. Highly perfumed, ripe red fruit, fine tannins and spice.

  • 6/750ml B

Grande Sauvignon Blanc

The Marlborist Grande Sauvignon boldly steps away from the classic Marlborough style. Low yielding, hand-picked and wild fermented in French oak puncheons, this rich, complex wine breaks every rule in the book.

  • 6/750ml B
Alpine Rift

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

The 2021 Alpine Rift Sauvignon Blanc is an elegant interpretation of the classic Marlborough style. Hints of nectarine, black currant leaf and passionfruit on the nose are underpinned by a ripe, richly textured palate and crisp, citrus finish.

  • 12/750ml


Short’s Brewing Thirst Mutilator Hop Water

Jiant Hard Kombucha

Mai Tai Hard Kombucha

Tropical and bold, with a dash of exotic spice.

  •  1/6b Draft

Kiwi Strawberry Hard Kombucha

Savor the soulful and satisfying combination of juicy strawberry and tropical kiwi. Yerba Mate, an invigorating and bold ceremonial herbal tea, adds a welcome spark yet is strikingly smooth.

  • 1/6b Draft
  • 1/2b Draft
Starcut Ciders


  • 4/6/12oz Can
Short’s Brewing Co.

Thirst Mutilator Hop Water

Billy Strings and Short’s Brewing have been buds since 2013, so spinning and working together on a non-alcoholic beverage just felt sorta natural and good to all of us. Thirst Mutilator is the culmination of our collective desire to leave no thirst unquenched—a citrusy, bubbly, carb and calorie free hop water that is sure to keep you hydrated for multiple sets.

  • 4/6/12oz Can

Selected aromatic herbs from 43 countries are essential to Underberg’s all-natural recipe. Underberg contains only water, alcohol, and herbal extracts. There are no other ingredients, and more specifically, no additives! Underberg is therefore much more than a simple bitter or amaro ― Underberg is unique and inimitable.

  • 2/60 pk
  • 4/10/3 pk
  • 10/12 Gift Tin