Tivoli Sigi’s Bock

A Bock-style Ale brewed as a lager, this pre-prohibition style showcases a malty backbone with a mild, roasty finish.

Originally brewed in Germany to be a symbol of better times to come, Sigi’s Bock is perfectly suited to enjoy on crisp mountain days and nights as the seasons turn. Our medium-bodied bock is a fine choice for when you want a bigger beer that drinks lighter than it actually is. To recreate this Colorado classic, we included fire-kilned malt just like Moritz Sigi did here at Tivoli back in 1864. By taking our time and aging like a lager, the subtle flavors of the malts become much more prevalent and harmonize cleanly with our German Noble hops.

Style: German/Bamberg Bock-style Ale
ABV: 6.7%
IBUs: 19

Package – 4/6/12oz B – #84762
Draft – 1/6b – #84774
Draft – 1/2b – #84768