American Whiskey, Artisan Gin, Premium Vodka, Blanco Tequila, Caribbean Rum

Grand Rapids, MI

American Whiskey
Color: Light Amber Nose: A balance of grain, cream, and fruit with hints of chocolate and espresso. Taste: Subtle corn sweetness at the top with cream notes through the body. Finish: A layered medium-length finish with syrup flavors followed by creamy chocolate then rye.

Artisan Gin
Color: Clear Nose: Juniper and botanicals followed by herbal root, sweet orange, and lime zest. Taste: Juniper pine, sweet cream and coriander with a clean citrus mouthfeel. Finish: Fresh citrus and pine.

Premium Vodka
Color: Clear Nose: Neutral with hints of cream and citrus. Taste: Full mouthfeel with a touch of cream and sweetness on the palate. Finish: Short and sweet.

Blanco Tequila
Color: Clear Nose: Cooked agave along with subtle notes of peppercorn and vanilla bean. Taste: Crisp sweet palette with flavors of oak, vanilla, and peppercorn. Tropical fruit and caramel combine for a silky mouthfeel. Finish: Smooth and rich with a background of agave and lingering spice.

Carribean Rum
Color: Clear Nose: Fresh green cane, reeds, and sweet molasses. Taste: Rich mouthfeel with notes of molasses, tropical fruit, and vanilla bean. Finish: Light with tropical fruit and spices. Chocolate notes when poured over ice.