We find apples in old orchards for the cider we make. Many of the apples we used in our 2017 cider came from Lakewood, Lewis, Crawford, and Arriola, Colorado, some from hundred-year-old orchards, some from an orchard destined to be plowed under to make way for a housing development, and some from seedling trees in abandoned fields in Maine. We like apples from old, neglected orchards like those in Montezuma County, near Cortez, where we work closely with a local non-profit to source juice from vintage and heirloom varieties to make our metaMORPhic Blend. We know precisely – down to the tree in some cases – where almost all of our apples come from, and probably picked most of them ourselves. We are dependent upon favorable weather and work closely with farmers and orchardists to manage pests without resorting to sprays and pesticides.

We are a seasonal producer. We pick in the fall, press apples in November, ferment and age our ciders until Spring, and bottle in May and June. We look for apples that are natural, not sprayed, fertilized, or treated with pesticides. We add wild seedlings like Pitts’ Bitter, Full Field Five, and Bitter Pew to the mix of dessert and cider-specific apples. Seedlings add spice, variety, and tannins.  Then we make cider the way it has been made for a long time, letting the apples express their true nature and the place they were grown. Our ciders will vary from year to year, as conditions in the orchards shift and the availability of certain apples changes. But we are committed to making the highest quality cider from the finest heirloom apples available. Our ciders are all gluten free.

This limited release cider is made exclusively from the Russian Imperial Dolgo crabapple, aged almost 15 months, and very lightly sweetened with cane and Turbinado sugar to create a powerful, tart cider for those who like their cider boldly sharp. Semi-Dry. For anyone who appreciates sour beers.

Package – 6/4/355ml B – #84101