As temperatures begin to dip, beer fans know Big Bad Baptist season is on its way. Our friends at Epic Brewing Co. brew up this big bad imperial stout annually with cocoa nibs and coffee beans, with each release using a different dark roasted coffee.

This year, Epic’s creative brew team has crafted five unique Big Bad Baptist variants, each with its own twist on the world-renown Barrel Aged Imperial Coffee Stout – Vanilla Brandy Barrel, Quintuple Barrel, Peanut Butter Cup, Hazelnut Vanilla Latte, and Chocolate Rapture.

Each variant is brewed similar to the original, using coffee and cacao, but each variant has its own special flavor profile to compliment the balance and flavor journey the Classic has taken barrel-aged beer and coffee fans on for nearly a decade.

Original Big Bad Baptist continues to be available in 22oz bombers, and for the first time ever, is now available in 12 oz., 4-packs cans in Colorado!

Hazelnut Vanilla Latte

Good morning Sunshine! Whipping it up like your favorite barista we brewed this one just for you. Each sip begins with roasty coffee notes that give way to soft, sweet vanilla and then finish with the nutty richness of lightly toasted hazelnuts.

#86626 – 12/22oz Btls
#86628 – 1/4b
#86676 – 1/2b

Quintuple Barrel

We are back at it again adding to the ridiculous awesomeness of this crazy series. This time we got our hands on some SALT from our great state of Utah and barrel-aged it (nothing is more absorbent than salt) before making our own salted caramel. We added that salted caramel to the barrel-aged beer, barrel-aged coffee, barrel-aged coconut and barrel-aged almonds to take this series to a whole new level!

#86630 – 12/22oz Btls
#86679 – 1/4b

Peanut Butter Cup

Chocolate and Peanut Butter, great beer and good friends; universally treasured combinations. So, invite some friends over and enjoy this nutty, chocolatey delight.

#86616 – 12/22oz Btls
#86673 – 1/4b
#86684 – 1/2b

Vanilla Brandy Barrel Aged Stout

This is a whole new Baptist, of course still Big and Bad, but the big guy is moving on up to also be refined and sophisticated. We took our award-winning Imperial Stout and aged it 100% in Brandy barrels with just a touch of coffee and vanilla. Smoking jacket optional; snifter highly recommended.

#86627 – 12/22oz Btls
#86605 – 1/4b
#86667 – 1/2b

Chocolate Rapture

Enough is never enough, especially when it comes to chocolate. So, we decided to step up our romance with the “food of the gods” bringing us to the point of rapture. For this Baptist our brewers went to great lengths and practically sold their souls for guarded Mayan secrets to get as much sinfully delicious Cacao into this beer as mortally possible. The result is nothing short of heaven.

#86608 – 12/22oz Btls
#86614 – 1/4b
#86629 – 1/2b