For many of us, Memorial Day marks the unofficial start to summer and the opportunity to enjoy these beautiful Colorado days outside. While most of our celebrations may look a little different this year, our food and drink selections are still primed to have their moment! Fire up the grill and stock the cooler as we bring you six beverages perfectly suited for the holiday. We asked our supplier friends for their food pairing recommendations, everything from classic backyard barbecue to non-traditional dishes. Cheers!

Brooklyn Brewery
Summer Ale

By: Jennifer Cross, Western Division Marketing Manager & Michael Shobe, Colorado Sales Manager

Two things mark the unofficial start to summer: Memorial Day Weekend, and Brooklyn Summer Ale. We’re right on the brink of grilling season and already looking forward to warmer weather and more time outside. Our dependable and carefree pale ale is ready for any menu from fresh salads and seafood to all sorts of grilled meats and gently charred vegetables. Brooklyn Summer Ale’s cold, clean edge keeps it simple and refreshing alongside any dish, even if you decide to make things a little on the spicy side. Stock up and get out there—the whole season is ahead of us, and Brooklyn Summer Ale is ready to go.

Wibby Brewing
Lightshine Radler

By: Ryan Wibby, Co-Founder & Brewmaster

The sweet and spicy flavors of backyard BBQing are complemented by our strawberry Radler’s brightness. The pineapple complements the zing of fresh veggie + chicken shish kabobs; the grapefruit is awesome with citrus grilled salmon and trout! Washing down Memphis-style BBQ ribs with a light, sessionable Lightshine variant is delicious. It’s the perfect lager for backyard get togethers and a mouthwatering Memorial Day Weekend (however you choose to distance).

Colorado Cider Company
Glider Cider

By: Taylor House, Sales Manager

Glider Cider is the perfect complement to your backyard barbeque. Especially with pork the bright acidity and crisp fruitiness cuts through the succulent ribs or brisket and is a refreshing counterpoint to rich grilled meats. With minimal sweetness, Glider won’t compete with barbeque sauces and makes a great marinade.

Beaches Hard Seltzer
Tropical Seltzer

By: Rachel Pain, Colorado Market Manager

Beaches Tropical Hard Seltzer with real mango is a perfect pair for those warm spring days as you get the grill going for an afternoon of flavor. This seltzer is effervescent, clean, very refreshing and instantly whisks you away to your favorite beach or provides the right companion at home for a backyard BBQ. We suggest trying your Beaches Tropical alongside a Grilled Lemon-Lime Chicken, creating a fun harmony of tropical and citrus flavors. A true seasonally perfect pair! Or go for a spiced-up dish like Al Pastor Tacos with Jalapeno and Mango salsa. A wonderful compliment with the mango sweetest to balance out the spice of the tacos. Cheers!

Elevation Beer Co.
First Cast IPA

Christian Koch, Co-Owner & Head Brewer

I think First Cast pairs best with our patio after a mountain bike ride on the Monarch Crest Trail! It is one of the most epic rides in Colorado and you can finish right at Elevation. Doesn’t get much better! Food wise, I think First Cast pairs with everything. My favorites are straight up burgers. I like to have some fun with them and will go with blackened seasoning for a spicy kick or sometimes if I feel really ambitious, blue cheese and bacon. I also love First Cast with dishes like Steak Bulgogi, Tikka Masala, and Kerala-style beef stew. First Cast is a pretty classic IPA – it is not overly hopped, it is balanced with the malt and that makes it a great beer to enjoy with food!

21st Amendment
Hell or High Watermelon Wheat

By: Jennifer Cross, Western Division Marketing Manager & Michael Shobe, Colorado Sales Manager

Summer is an American pastime here at 21st Amendment. We celebrate the right to find your island, jump in the lake, hike your secret trail and BBQ up that special dish everyone comes running to the backyard for!

We host our own BBQs for Employee Appreciation, 4th of July and well, anytime we can justify a team gathering. The smell of a grill can bring you back to the days of your youth or remind you of your favorite summer as a child. Another thing that reminds us of summer is drenched sticky faces from watermelon at a picnic or in the backyard.

We think that lines up perfectly for our favorite summer beer, Hell or High Watermelon Wheat. What better way to cut through the rich, sweet and spicy characteristics of BBQ than with a bright, zesty and refreshing American wheat beer with watermelon?! Just imagining this amazing contrast of effervescent and juicy beer rinsing the savory and fatty deliciousness of BBQ is making us thirsty for one right now!

Now if you are really looking for a pairing where you are trying to match the intensity of Hell or High Watermelon we recommend a lighter Summer fare such as light crisp salads. We serve a “spinach and arugula salad” with granny smith apples, candied pecans and shaved parmesan cheese with a red wine Dijon vinaigrette. The tang of the dressing compliments the wheat-bread like flavors of our beer. This pairing would leave you with a very refreshing finish. We are also fans of enjoying this beer with fresh shucked raw oysters with a nice mignonette.

Cheers to the Summer!!”

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