It’s no surprise that with the start of a new year comes the kick-off of millions of people’s pursuit to set clean eating goals and work towards their active lifestyle goals for the coming year.

Dry January was introduced in 2012 as an initiative by Alcohol Change UK, a British charity, to “ditch the hangover, reduce the waistline and save some serious money by giving up alcohol for 31 days.”

Your choices were slim to non-existent in 2012 if you were participating but still wanted to enjoy a crisp, hoppy N/A IPA or flavorful lager. Fast forward to 2020 and the N/A beer category skyrocketed in growth and with it came innovation in other N/A beverage categories as well.

We’re proud to offer a growing portfolio of active lifestyle beverages for those participating in Dry January or choosing to cut alcohol altogether. Keep reading to get to know our brands!

Athletic Brewing Company

Athletic Brewing Co. is a non-alcoholic beer company dedicated to making great-tasting craft brews, without compromise. Our lineup of styles lets you enjoy the taste and experience of refreshing craft beer without sacrificing your performance, passions, health, or good taste. They’re fit for all times, made for all palates, and enjoyed by anyone who loves a great beer.

Athletic Brewing Company was inspired by our two core loves – a love for an active, healthy lifestyle and a love for great beer. And since day one, Athletic Brewing’s mission has been to combine them both without compromising on either. Even our logo exemplifies that purpose: a varsity “A” with a wheat twist—active at heart and always thirsty for beer.

We brew loads of styles throughout the year so anyone seeking a non-alcoholic option can experience the best in craft beer, in as many ways as possible. The essential Athletic brews – Run Wild IPA, Upside Dawn Golden Ale, and Free Wave Hazy IPA – are available year-round. But we also brew seasonal releases, limited edition styles, and collaboration beers that highlight ingredients or flavors from some of our favorite brands.

Year-Round Brands

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  • Upside Dawn Non-Alcoholic Golden
    • 48702 – 4/6/12oz C
    • 48706 – 2/12/12oz C
  • Run Wild Non-Alcoholic IPA
    • 48703 – 4/6/12oz C
    • 87425 – 2/12/12oz C
  • Free Wave Double Hop Non-Alcoholic IPA
    • 48705 – 4/6/12oz C

Brooklyn Brewing Co./Special Effects

Brooklyn Special Effects beers are brewed to the same exacting standards as the rest of the Brooklyn Brewery lineup. Our James Beard Award-winning Brewmaster Garrett Oliver described taking on the IPA style as an “alluring technical challenge”: could a non-alcoholic IPA measure up to the higher-ABV classics? Garrett certainly thinks so, crediting Special Effects IPA as, “like a classic West Coast IPA, with good fruit, a nice hop bite, and a floral, citrus hop aroma.”

But why non-alcoholic, you ask? Is anyone really drinking those? The answer is overwhelmingly yes. According to a poll by Morning Consult, more than 46% of all adults in the US have tried non-alcoholic beer. And if the experts aren’t enough, we’re proud to report that our Special Effects Hoppy Amber is one of our most popular offerings around the globe.

Year-Round Brands

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Ceria Brewing Company

CERIA craft’s their Grainwave and Indiewave brews using traditional, proven brewing techniques and high-quality malts, hops and spices for optimal flavor. Using a proprietary brewing method ensures that all beers contain 0.0% alcohol by volume.

Year-Round Brands

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Here at Grüvi, we strive to create an inclusive community focused on making better choices within our daily lives. We truly believe in a world where we don’t always feel inclined to drink in a social setting, and a world where everyone can feel comfortable, regardless of what’s in their cup.

Our mission is simple- help others be healthy and stay social, one drink at a time. We sought to create a line of craft, non-alcoholic beers and wine because you deserve it. Your health is your wealth, and the beverage you consume shouldn’t compromise that.

While alcohol remains so pervasive in our society, we’ve challenged ourselves to create a brand that breaks this cycle. Grüvi was created to dispel the common notion that non-alcoholic beer tastes, well, not great. We saw a desperate need for innovation in the space, and we are here to prove that you can have it all. Enjoy a tasty, healthy brew, and take your chance to live in the moment, alcohol free.

Year-Round Brands

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  • Non-Alcoholic Lager
    • 87575 – 4/6/12oz C
  • Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale
    • 48997 – 6/4/12oz C
  • Non-Alcoholic IPA
    • 48976 – 6/4/12oz C
  • Non-Alcoholic Stout
    • 48996 – 6/4/12oz C
  •  Non-Alcoholic Dry Secco Wine
    • 48977 – 6/4/12oz B
  • Non-Alcoholic Rosé Wine
    • 48701 – 6/4/12oz B

Hoplark HopTea

We’re what happens when you brew tea like a craft beer. Unexpected, yet surprisingly familiar. A new way to experience hops. Hoplark is bold, refreshing and a bit unusual. Precisely how we like it.

This all started over a beer, or lack thereof. Friends Dean Eberhardt and Andrew Markley were at a craft brewery while Dean was nearly finishing up a month off of drinking, in an effort to kickstart some healthier habits.

But it wasn’t the buzz Dean realized he missed — it was the ritual, the familiarity, the camaraderie. The smell and taste of that hoppy, bubbly cold ale his buddy was enjoying. The craft beer experience.

And that’s when it hit them. To brew tea like beer, with the hops, but without sugars, additives or any fermentation.

Starting at a summer of farmers’ markets, but quickly advancing to the grand prize at the 2018 BevNet New Beverage Showdown, a 2019 Best New Beverage Award from the Natural Foods Expo West, and a Boulder, Colorado taproom and brewery, HopTea is bringing the uncommon libation to the craft craving people.

Not your grandma’s sweet tea. Hoppy, but with less punch than your best friend’s IPA, HopTea is for those looking to fuel their curiosity.

Year-Round Brands

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  • Double Dry Hopped
    • Coming Soon – 4/6/12oz C
  • Citra Hopped
    • 87806 – 4/6/12oz C

Lost Identity Beverage Co.

Lost Identity Beverage Company is located in scenic Vail, Colorado. We started a beverage company with the inspiration of creating culinary art. We draw from many days and nights of crafting drinks behind a bar and reading about historical uses of ingredients. Lost Identity Beverage Company believes that to keep life fresh you must get out and explore it; be that in the wonder of the Rocky Mountains, traveling, socializing or enjoying a book at home.

As the founders of a beverage company we love that we can share our passions with you in many given moments. While we are all out there losing ourselves to every moment, Lost Identity hopes you may find yourself alive in a drink.

Year-Round Brands

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  • Citrus Tonic Concentrate
    • 40018 – 12/32oz
  • Floral Tonic Concentrate
    • 40019 – 12/32oz
  • Lime Mule Concentrate
    • 40017 – 12/32oz
  • Sparkling Ginger Lime Mule Shrub
    • 40016 – 6/4/12oz C

Present CBD

Present™ is a joint venture between Left Hand Brewing Co. and WAAYB Organics, both of Northern Colorado.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring component of the cannabis plant. Rich in natural cannabinoids, CBD is legal, non-psychoactive and can be safely consumed as part of a daily diet.

There are two species of cannabis plant, hemp and marijuana. We source our CBD from organically grown industrial hemp, which is categorized as having less than 0.3% THC.

Year-Round Brands

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  • Blood Orange CBD Infused Sparkling Water
    • 65446 – 4/6/16oz C
  • Lemon Lime CBD Infused Sparkling Water
    • 65446 – 4/6/16oz C
  • Natural CBD Infused Sparkling Water
    • 67006 – 4/6/16oz C

Treeline Bloody Mary Mixes

Tree Line Bloody Mary Mixes are made with REAL food and have a CLEAN label. Our mixes are made in Denver, Colorado without: artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives, xanthan gum or any other chemical thickening agents.

Why did we get into the bloody mary mix business? Because we could not find an all natural, high quality mix in fun delicious flavors like pineapple habanero, roasted garlic, cucumber dill and mango jalapeno!

How do we make this amazing stuff? We use all natural, high quality ingredients mixed with some of the cleanest water in the U.S. to make Tree Line Bloody Mary Mixes. We don’t use ANY chemical thickening agents or emulsifiers (no xanthan gum!). Separation is natural, so shake it well! Our mixes taste amazingly fresh and delicious! They are also Vegan and Gluten Free!

Year-Round Brands

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  • Bierstadt Basic
    • 62033 – 4/1G Jug
  • Crestone Cucumber Dill 
    • 62035 – 12/32oz B
    • 62036 – 4/1G Jug
  • Pikes Pepper
    • 62057 – 11/8oz B
    • 62043 – 12/32oz B
    • 62044 – 4/1G Jug
  • Pyramid Pineapple Habanero
    • 62039 – 12/32oz B
    • 62042 – 4/1G Jug
  • Redcloud Roasted Garlic
    • 62037 – 12/32oz B
    • 62038 – 4/1G Jug
  • 10 Mile Bourbon Maple
    • 62046 – 12/32oz B
    • 62045 – 4/1G Jug