The popularity of rosé wine has inspired others across the beverage industry to craft their take on the deliciously pink drink.  This season, in addition to our annual selection of rosé wines, we’re excited to offer other rosé inspired beverages including creatively crafted beers and ciders.  Cheers to drinking pink this summer!

Ace Cider Berry Rosé

Sebastopol, CA – 5% ABV – Hard Cider

ACE Berry is a sweeter cider we ferment the apple juices for 14 days for dryness and then add fresh blackberry and raspberry juices that produce the eye catching razzle – dazzle light purple cider. Pairs well with curry dishes and mixes well with your favorite spirit.

Package – 4/6/12oz Bottles – #84070
Draft – 1/6b – #84072
Draft – 1/2b – #84071

Surly Brewing Co. Rosé

Minneapolis, MN – 5.2% ABV – Craft Beer

Crisp, refreshing, and pink as hell, Surly Rosé is a lager brewed with currants and strawberries in a fruit-forward, easy-going beer. 127 calories and 2.25 grams carbs per 12 oz. serving, if you’re tracking that kind of thing.

Package – 6/4/16oz Cans – #86098
Draft – 1/6b – #85738
Draft – 1/2b – #86101

Pampelonne Rosé Lime Wine Cocktail

France – 6.0% ABV – Wine Cocktail

Natural flavors of passion fruit, grapefruit and kaffir lime delicately folded into fine French wine.

Package – 6/4/250ml Cans – #90091

Encostas do Lima 2018 Vinho Verde Rosé

Portugal – 10.5% ABV – Wine

This beautiful strawberry colored wine is both a Rose frizzante and classified as Vinho Verde Rose and comes from 75 % Souazao (a local Port grape), 15 % Borracal (also known as Caiño Tinto), and 10 % Espadeiro (Galician Grape type used for rose wine production, specially).  This Vinho Verde Rosé has a bright pink color, fresh aromas of strawberry and raspberry along with subtle notes of citrus. The palate indicates a youthful but elegant, well-balanced and fresh wine with a long, lingering finish.

Package – 12/750ml – #37053

Joseph Mellot 2018 Sincérité Pinot Noir Rosé

France – 10.5% ABV – Wine

The Mellots have been a force in winemaking in the Loire Valley since 1513; today, Joseph Mellot is the only estate that owns vineyards in all the appellations of the region. Wines in this secondary line, Sincerité, are sourced from a wide range of estate vineyards across the region; extended lees contact adds depth and intensity, giving the wine delicate red berry fruit aromas and crisp strawberry flavors. This is a zesty summer wine with bracing acidity and great length of flavor.

Package – 12/750ml – #53002


California – 12.5% ABV – Wine

MANCAN sources great California grapes for a set of specially-designed blends including a subtly sweet, thirst quenching rosé.  This rosé is a blend of Chardonnay and Zinfandel fruit and is delicious and easy to drink. MANCAN Rosé is also a Wine Enthusiast “Best Buy” winner.

Package – 24/375ml Cans – #15102

Brewery Ommegang Rosetta

California – 12.5% ABV – Wine

Rosetta is a window into another time and another world – a modern rendition of a traditional Belgian brew that pays homage to time-honored Belgian methods of aging and blending fruit beers. While Rosetta isn’t quite a rosé beer in color, the combination of Oud Bruin and Kriek (a cherry-infused beer), blended and aged, create a well-balaced, mahogany-brown beer with a hints of red, and offers the elegance, depth and tart sweetness reminiscent of a rosé inspired beverage.

Package – 6/4/330ml B – #81652
Draft – 1/6b – #81677

Full List of Rosé Beverages

Annabella Rosé – California – #12063, 12/750ml
Apaltagua Rosé Carmenere – Chile – #65309, 12/750ml
Calcu Rosé – Chile – #65327, 12/750ml
Castel Maures Provence Rosé – France – #50200, 12/750ml
Champagne Collet Brut Rose – France – #52003, 6/750ml
Funckenhausen Rosé – Argentina – #65343, 12/1L
Gateway Vinho Verde Rosé – Portugal – #64481, 12/750ml
Gillmore Mariposa Pais Rose – Chile – #65424, 12/750ml
Goats Do Roam Rosé – South Africa – #35872, 12/750ml
Heavyweight Dry Barbera Rosé – California – #15107, 1/6b
Heavyweight Dry Barbera Rosé – California – #15091, 12/750ml
Krone Brut Rosé – South Africa – #35866, 6/750ml
Nola Grace Rosé – California – #14202, 12/750ml
Rustenberg Petit Verdot Rosé – South Africa – #35868, 12/750ml

Epic Oak & Orchard Rosé – Colorado – #86028, 12/375ml
Epic Oak & Orchard Rosé – Colorado – #86029, 1/4bbl


Redstone Rosé Nectar – Colorado – #25064, 6/750ml
Redstone Rosé Nectar – Colorado – #84783, 7.9G