We’re taking a quick booze break from our regular content to give a shout-out to a special group of people. This global pandemic has certainly reached all corners of our lives and we wanted to take a moment to recognize the family members and friends of our staff who are working in essential jobs. Whether it’s risking their health and safety day in and day out on the front lines or helping make things just a little better for all of us, we raise a toast and thank you!

Submitted By: Sara Beck, Registered Nurse, professional home health care

Spouse of Stefan Beck, Elite Account Manager

Hi! My name is Sara Beck. As a home health nurse, I act as a liaison between local hospitals, wound care centers, doctor’s offices and oncology clinics and their patients. This allows a very vulnerable population to receive care in the comfort and safety of their own homes. This is an unprecedented time but together we will get through it. Thanks for supporting essential workers and their families. Cheers to Elite!

Submitted By: Travis Meredith, Account Manager

Family Member: Sarah Meredith
Relationship: Spouse

RN at UCHealth – Mother/Baby Unit

Caring for both healthy and Covid19+ women at the time of birth and the postpartum period. All laboring women are being tested for Covid upon admission and we have found that 13% are positive and more than most are asymptomatic.  Full PPE is required for every newborn admission regardless of the mother’s Covid status. Additionally, every newborn is admitted under a heating lamp! Doing admissions is Sarah’s favorite roll but has definitely become more tense and tiring during this global pandemic. Whether it is seasonal or pandemic related is uncertain, but there has been an increase in the number of Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) admissions and Sarah is cross trained to float to this unit as well.  Due to their continued high census Sarah has been floating to cover the NICU at least twice a month.

Submitted By: Renee Handley, Sales Team Coordinator

Family Member: Susan Clay
Relationship: Mom

Baby Department Lead at Target in Birmingham, Alabama

My mom has been working overtime hours at Target keeping shelves stocked with essentials like diapers, wipes, etc. She’s also been helping with online order picking during this entire pandemic. Alabama didn’t have as strict of Stay at Home orders as Denver, and now they’ve transitioned back into opening businesses (even restaurants) fully instead of how things are here with our safer at home. My mom loves helping people, and I know that making sure folks have what they need during this time has been something she’s proud of which makes both Larry & I super proud of her. Oh yeah, and she’s in her sixties and still unloading trucks every day like a badass! ❤

Submitted By: Aaron Kirschnick, Delivery Driver

Family Member: Julie Walker
Relationship: Girlfriend

Dental Hygienist

My girlfriend, Julie Walker, is 5 months Pregnant with our baby boy, Jacob! She’s due in September and just started back to work as a dental hygienist.

Submitted By: Chandi Bretz, Accounts Receivable

Family Member: Katy Coven
Relationship: Best Friend

CNA at UCHealth on the Anschutz campus

Katy provides hands-on, direct healthcare to patients and helps them do basic day-to-day tasks. She takes patients’ vital signs every four hours, which include blood pressure, temperature, pulse, heart rate and respirations, documents any health issues and assists other nurses with any other medical tasks. She said that CNAs are usually the first ones to see things, so she is the eyes, ears, nose, and hands for the nurses and doctors. She is also featured on a billboard on Colfax near Voodoo Doughnut!

Submitted By: Tommy Perdomo, Delivery Driver

Family Member: Cleuza Chiuzulli
Relationship: Mother

QMAP/Medication/Dementia Specialist at Renew Senior Communities – Aurora, CO

The COVID-19 pandemic in Colorado has been hit hardest in nursing homes and senior communities but instead of shying away from potential of getting sick, my mother has been nothing short of brave and amazing to give quality care to her residents she interacts with every day. She always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude while doing her job to the best of her abilities. It’s a blessing to know that she’s a hero in my eyes and everyone else’s eyes as well!

Submitted by: Axie Bunn, Administrative Assistant

Family Member: Anthony Bunn
Relationship: Husband

Delivery Driver for Cosmos Pizza

Anthony is a delivery driver for Cosmos Pizza. He is delivering pizza to customers home taking multiple orders at a time and working until midnight so everyone can get their deliveries.

Submitted by: Mike Fine, Account Manager

Family Member: Marissa Mendleson
Relationship: Girlfriend

Registered Nurse, Good Samaritan Hospital

Marissa has been treating Covid-19 patients as Registered Nurse on the overnight shift at Good Samaritan Hospital.