Natalie Cilurzo

Russian River Brewing Co.

Year Russian River Brewing was founded?
Russian River Brewing Company was founded in 1997 by Korbel Champagne Cellars in Guerneville, CA.  My husband, Vinnie, was the brewmaster there for nearly 6 years.  Korbel closed the brewery in 2003 and transferred to rights to the brand to us.  We reopened under our ownership in 2004.  Technically founded in 1997, but it’s a long story!
What’s your role at Russian River?
My job title is Co-owner/President.
What’s been your proudest moment at Russian River?
My proudest moment is when we helped raise over $1.1M for fire victims after the 2017 wildfires tore through Sonoma County and especially Santa Rosa.  It was a terrifying time in our community, but we knew something needed to be done to help thousands of local residents who lost everything in the fires.  We partnered with King Ridge Foundation and licensed our brand, Sonoma Pride, to about 60 other breweries who donated a portion or all of the proceeds from sales of this beer.  We ended up donating over $120K ourselves to the fundraiser from sales of our beer, merchandise and other fundraising efforts surrounding Pliny the Younger.  The best part was giving enough money to Council on Aging who were able to provide 5 new small manufactured homes to Seniors who lost their homes.  That was my favorite part!
Favorite Russian River Beer?
My favorite RRBC beer is Happy Hops IPA.  But I’m also a fan of our Blind Pig IPA which has been around since Vinnie’s first brewery, Blind Pig Brewing Company. That one is a sentimental favorite!

Marissa Elias

Eel River Brewing Co.

Year Eel River Brewing was founded?
Eel River Brewing Company was founded in 1995 by my father Ted Vivatson. I am a second generation owner along with my brother Matt Vivatson. We just celebrated our 25thAnniversary and we look forward to carrying on our father’s legacy and continuing to bring innovative Organic and Non-GMO offerings near and far!
What’s your role at Eel River Brewing Co.?
My role in the company started when I was 14 years old as a host at our pub and restaurant. I have worked almost all of the different positions in our company and for the past 8 years I have been running our Sales and Marketing side of the business. As an owner, we all wear many hats and fill any role that is needed, it’s one of the things that makes our work so enjoyable and keeps us on our toes.
What’s been your proudest moment at Eel River?
I have been very fortunate to have a father that pursued his dream and created a business that my brother and I can be a part of. That is something that makes me proud to do the work I do and work with my family every day. Anytime that we have won awards at events such as GABF and World Beer Cup, seeing the look of pure joy and accomplishment on my dad and brothers faces has to be some of the best moments. Experiencing the recognition for all of the hard work that they put in to recipe development and execution on those beers is incomparable.
Favorite Eel River Product?
I truly love all of our products that we produce and love the variety that we have to offer. For me, we have something for every season and that means that I’m able to enjoy our beers and hard sparkling waters all year long? At the moment, I’ve been on a light and refreshing quest and our Climax 100, Organic Low Calorie Ale is what is filling my fridge!!!! As the weather gets warmer, hopefully sooner than later, the fridge will start to share it’s space with our Clarity hard sparkling water products as well!!! I like to keep a good variety because who doesn’t want options!

Annie Shull

Raptor Ridge Winery

Year Raptor Ridge Winery was founded?
1995 was our founding year at Raptor Ridge
What’s your role at Raptor Ridge Winery?
 Chief Operations Officer
What’s been your proudest moment at Raptor Ridge?
being told that the entire lineup of our wines, whites to reds are all top notch. This happens a lot at wine dinners.
Favorite Raptor Ridge Wine?
Tough call, but probably our Method Champenoise Rosé of Pinot Noir 2016 and our Auxerrois 2015

Anika Sawni


Year Grüvi was founded?
Grüvi was founded in early 2019 and we officially launched in Colorado that spring.
What’s your role at Grüvi?
As one of the co-founders alongside my brother Niki, I typically wear many hats, but primarily focus on marketing and brand building.
What’s been your proudest moment at Grüvi?
There have been so many amazing “proud” moments at Grüvi, from working our first GABF booth to winning the Boulder Pitch Slam. Ultimately, my proudest moments have been connecting with our customers and hearing stories of how Gruvi has made a positive impact on their lives. Knowing that Grüvi encompasses more than just a beverage fills me with so much joy! These stories are truly what motivates me to keep working hard.
Favorite Grüvi Product?
For me, picking a favorite product is hard, but right now I find myself sipping our Bubbly Rosé the most!

Robin Wibby

Wibby Brewing

Year Wibby Brewing was founded?
What’s your role at Wibby Brewing?
Strategist | Special Events
What’s been your proudest moment at Wibby Brewing?
The proud and memorable moments are enumerated but for me personally, it was incredibly rewarding to read that Hooplagers, our signature pool party lager-only beer festival was voted “Best Event in Beer” in a National Publication.
Favorite Wibby Beer?
It depends on the flavor profile I’m searching for but I often find myself reaching for our medal-winning Volksbier Vienna Lager