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Elite Brands of Colorado  Our Team

Sales Team

Alfonzo Cervantes    Email

Alfonzo Cervantes

Andy Whitmire    Email

Longmont/Estes Park
Andy Whitmire

Ariell Ayalon    Email

Eagle County/Summit County
Ariell Ayalon

Bailey Naas    Email

Fort Collins - Wine
Bailey Naas

Brooke Reiss    Email

Steamboat Springs/Grand County
Brooke Reiss

Carlos Garcia    Email

Parker/Castle Rock/Monument
Carlos Garcia

Carlos Burciaga    Email

Fort Collins - Beer
Carlos Burciaga

Chris Munzer    Email

Thornton/DIA/North Denver
Chris Munzer

Chris Ouellette    Email

Northern Colorado Sales Manager
Chris Munzer

Don Kussmaul    Email

On Premise Beer - Denver Highlands/Downtown Arvada
Don Kussmaul

Gina Miller    Email

Gina Miller

J.R. Greer    Email

Foothills/South Boulder - Off Premise
J.R. Greer

Jamie Gulick    Email

Beer Specialist- South Denver Metro
Jamie Gulick

Javier Guzman    Email

Javier Guzman

Jeff Lott    Email

Regional Sales Manager- Southern CO
Jeff Lott

Joe Giarratano    Email

South Colorado Springs/Pueblo
Joe Giarratano

Joe Reese    Email

Regional Manager - Denver Metro
Joe Reese

John Bruner    Email

John Bruner

Jon Esser    Email

Key Account Representative
John Esser

Jon Hood    Email

Downtown Denver - On Premise Wine
Jon Hood

Jordan Arp    Email

Off Premise Wine Specialist
Jordan Arp

Justin Fairbanks    Email

Justin Fairbanks

Kelcey Hostetler    Email

Boulder - On Premise Wine
Kelcey Hostetler

Kent Savitt    Email

Regional Sales Manager- Denver Metro
Kent Savitt

Kevin Benner    Email

Grand Junction
Kevin Benner

Kristen Williams    Email

Colorado Springs
Kristen Williams

Matt Mitton    Email

North Boulder - Off Premise
Matt Mitton

Mike Fine    Email

West Denver Metro
Mike Fine

Peter Volkmann    Email

Chaffe County/Gunnison County
Peter Volkmann

Ryan Burr    Email

Ryan Burr

Sarah Watson    Email

Regional Manager - Mountains
Sarah Watson

Scott Brazelton    Email

Littleton/Highlands Ranch
Scott Brazelton

Scott McKinney    Email

Downtown Denver - On Premise Beer
Scott McKinney

Stefan Beck    Email

Boulder/Nederland - On Premise Beer Specialist
Stefan Beck

Steve Orlinick    Email

On Premise Wine & Spirits Manager
Steve Orlinick

Stu Hurst    Email

Wine Manager
Stu Hurst

Travis Meredith    Email

Denver - Off Premise
Travis Meredith

Troy Kampe    Email

Pitkin County/ Garfield County
Troy Kampe

Tyler Slater    Email

Southwestern Denver Metro
Troy Kampe

William Sieck    Email

Merchandiser - Denver Metro
Will Sieck

Zac Woodard    Email

On Premise Beer - Denver East/Colfax
Zac Woodward

Office Team

Breton Shepherd    Email

Marketing & Communications Manager
Breton Shepherd

Cole Hanson    Email

Brand Manager - Import Beer & Cider
Cole Hanson

Ed Daly    Email

Director of Sales and Marketing
Ed Daly

Jessica Desormeaux    Email

Customer Service Team
Jessica Desormeaux

John Sliter    Email

Brand Manager - Domestic Beer
John Sliter

Jon Allaband    Email

Draught Support Tech
Jon Allaband

Joy Walsh    Email

Staff Accountant
Joy Walsh

Julie Gore    Email

Executive Assistant/Human Resources
Julie Gore

Leslie Douglas    Email

Purchasing Agent
Leslie Douglas

Libby Glaser    Email

Graphic Designer / Marketing Coordinator
Libby Glaser

Nick Jumel    Email

Brand Manager - Wine & Spirits
Nick Jumel

Paige Garlick    Email

Customer Service Team
Paige Garlick

Renee Handley    Email

Sales Team Coordinator
Renee Handley

Terry Cekola    Email

Terry Cekola

Tori Newell    Email

Customer Service Team
Tori Newell

Warehouse Team

Brett Boyd    Email

Director of Warehouse Operations
Brett Boyd

Miles Rigsbee    Email

Day Warehouse Manager
Miles Rigsbee

Tony Ortez    Email

Night Warehouse Manager
Tony Ortez

Brian Dorsey

Warehouse - Night Supervisor
Brian Dorsey

Jason Harris

Warehouse - Day Supervisor
Jason Harris

Jesus Altamirano

Warehouse Specialist
Jesus Altamirano

Joseph Montano

Warehouse Specialist
Joseph Montano

John Wilson

Warehouse Specialist
John Wilson

Justin Thomas

Warehouse Specialist
Justin Thomas

Julio Trevino

Warehouse Specialist
Julio Trevino

Larry Handley

Warehouse Specialist
Larry Handley

Nolan Titchner

Warehouse Specialist
Nolan Titchner

Steve Trujillo

Warehouse Specialist
Steve Trujillo

Delivery Team

Rick Bales    Email

Delivery Manager
Rick Bales

Ross Browning

Delivery Supervisor
Ross Browning

Carly Roberts

Delivery Driver
Carly Roberts

Dean Wilkerson

Delivery Driver
Dean Wilkerson

Harry Jordan

Delivery Driver
Harry Jordan

Jeff Cross

Delivery Driver
Jeff Cross

Jeremy Powell

Delivery Driver
Jeremy Powell

Mikael Launiu

Delivery Driver
Mikael Launiu

Robert Lyles

Delivery Driver
Robert Lyles

Roberto Martinez

Delivery Driver
Roberto Martinez

Terry Stacks

Delivery Driver
Terry Stacks
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